New Build – St. Paul’s Church

New Build – St. Paul’s Church
St. Paul's Church

Product Description:

Main Contractor: Feltham construction

Location: Dorking, Surrey, September 2014

Services Provided: New build and works to church.

Description: Brand new two storey extension to existing church. Brand new mains intake panels, 5no new distribution panels, separate containment for power, lighting, fire alarm and security, communications and AV.

There was quite a few challenges on this project. Firstly we had to run in 5 new SWA cables from an existing position in the church out to the new extension which meant finding a route through the existing church. This was achieved without putting any impact onto the existing church which was still fully operational. Also the new reception area of the church extension had a flat roof, this area had a large amount of lights in it and PIR detectors, we had to make sure that these were all able to be required. So we installed everything above the ceiling in this area in flexible conduit, so every position can be re-wired whenever they require it in the future.

The clients were an absolute dream to work with and we have formed a very good relationship, which we now have the maintenance contract for the church.